“A Small Home For Angels” by Eva Van Schaick

At the Beginning of the year, the teachers took us to an orphanage in Amritsar and that’s when I got inspired to organize more trips like it. We started right away, collected a lot of money from our staff and students, and a few months later we were finally able to visit a small orphanage run by nuns called Mother Teresa’s Orphanage.

We established a relationship with them and now every opportunity we get, we go and visit them. Every time we go we take a new group of students and every time it is great. The orphanage is small, clean and the energy is amazing and so are the kids. Every staff and student that comes leaves with a smile. The orphanage consists of about 35 kids, mostly girls from a few months old to the oldest who is 19. So far we’ve been able to play with them, teach a playful form of yoga, and give donations. 

I look forward to every visit, and the orphans are twice as enthusiastic each time we return. Since this is my senior year, it feels great to have accomplished this in the las few months of my time at MPA. I hope with all my heart that it can continue in the years to come. 

-Eva Van Schaick