Just Six Weeks Left to Win!

We’re on track to raise $20,000!

Just Six Weeks Left

MPA Students at Home 2011

More than 65% of our students depend on financial aid, and we expect that we will award more than $420,000 to those students over the coming months. Our Financial Aid Fund has received a grant for $275,000 from the CCC as a starting point, and we now need to raise just $145,000 from generous donors like you.

Our goal for this raffle is to spread the word and kick off the effort with a fun, win-win activity to generate at least $20,000 through the sale of 1000 raffle tickets. Tickets are just $20 apiece, and besides helping the children, your ticket buys you the chance to win some of the great prizes that were donated by our friends and family.  Prizes include:

  • Free pass to Summer Solstice Sadhana in Espanola, NM donated by the 3HO Foundation.  Value: $700
  • Series of three coaching sessions with Guru Meher Singh Khalsa.  Value: $400
  • Complete Music Collection of Snatam Kaur Khalsa.  Value: $200
  • Free Coaching Session with Guru Singh Khalsa.  Value: $200
  • Five free Bhangara Instruction DVD’s from Ravi Kaur Khalsa.  Value: $19.99 Each
  • $50 Gift Certificate to SpiritVoyage.com.  Value: $50
  • Free Consultation with renowned Vedic Astrologer Sat Siri Kaur Khalsa.  Value: $150
  • Five free bottles of Shock and Awe Gum Disease Cure.  Value: $14.99 Each
  • Two books from counselor Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa, PhD Value: $34.99 Each
  • Two Kundalini Yoga outfits from TuhiTuhi.com.  Value: $64.99 Each
  • Complete Music Collection of Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa.  Value: $187
  • Set of Three Yoga DVD’s from Nirvair Singh Khalsa.  Value: $60.00
  • Eight Volume Rebirthing Series of lectures from KRI Teachings.  Value: 156.60

After just two weeks we have already raised $1780 dollars through the sale of 89 raffle tickets to begin our Financial Aid fundraising efforts for the 2011-12 school year. There are just 911 tickets left to buy to reach our goal.  To those of you who already participated, thank you!  We hope that if you have not, you will help us reach our goal.  Every ticket counts!