Shabd Singh’s New Class: Global Perspective

Shabd Singh is a former graduate of MPA and in June he graduated from College with a degree in Policy Planning Management. He decided to come back this year as a teacher to share with our students. I know Shabd as a friend and so I know that he’s intelligent and hilarious and I was happy to see that his personality shined through in the class room as well. The class is held in our library where the students can relax back in some comfortable bean bag chairs and enjoy the AC. That’s not to say that it won’t be tough.

“This class is about critical thinking

It is designed to help students learn and ask the right questions about whats going on in the media and in our world. Sometimes at MPA we can get very centered on whats happening here at the school. This is good because we stay so focused on all the great things this school has to offer, but Shabd is here to make sure that we also are able to see things from a Global Perspective.