Sat Nam Rasayan Class and More

It is common knowledge that students at MPA practice yoga and meditation almost daily. However, you may not be aware that our program also includes weekly Sat Nam Rasayan classes and practice sessions.

“What is Sat Nam Rasayan?” you may wonder. Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing modality based on the kundalini yoga technology. Using Kundalini yoga kryas and meditations, Sat Nam Rasayan practitioners intend to reach a state of Shunnya –or neutrality– in which the mind becomes contemplative and neutral in order to perceive densities, also called resistances or blocks, in the flow of energy. Once a resistance is detected, the practitioner sends a healing intention to dissolve it and allow energy to flow.

This being said, you might be thinking “What the hell is she talking about?!” And you are not the only one! Most people don’t get Sat Nam Rasayan (SNR), either when they hear about it or take a class, so relax. When it comes to SNR, it is better to drop the mental approach because SNR is essentially about having an experience of non-differentiation. In SNR, there is only system and, in the system, there are points of density manifesting the fact that energy isn’t flowing properly.

Everybody has experienced this at one moment or another. For example, you might have entered a room full of people and immediately felt that a conflict was occurring. Or, you may have experienced meeting someone and immediately feeling relaxed in his or her presence. The awareness of the flow of energy and of resistance to that flow is part of what we try to refine by doing SNR. We do SNR to extend our own perceptive field to be aware of what is happening in the system. And then, by being neutral and not reacting to what is happening, we are able to change the flow of energy by sending an intention.

The main effect of SNR is relaxation and healing. However, Sat Nam Rasayan is not a type of medicine. If, when we practice it in pairs, we call the person lying down the patient, it is only for the sake of the training and the teaching. Guru Dev Singh, the master of SNR, who was taught in silence by the Siri Singh Sahib for years, was very clear about that. He said, on many occasions, that the goal of SNR is not to heal people by performing a treatment. The aim of SNR is to heal people by our presence. It is to be able to stay in a state of Shunnya and hold the space without discontinuity in order to continuously regulate the flow of energy.

That is why we teach SNR at MPA. We teach SNR at MPA because our students need to go back into the world carrying this healing energy and level of awareness that is needed so desperately. Our students need to be perceptive, neutral and able to understand intuitively a world so complex and intense in this period of change. And because consciousness is not a linear process but a system, it makes sense to include SNR as an integral part of a yogic program and introduce our students to this type of healing approach. So, you might be surprised to see Amrit Kaur, one of the intermediate girls, coming to class and working with an adult caretaker. Or Manit Power, one of the junior boys, practicing with me. Classes are not mandatory, except for 11th and 12th graders, who are taking the kundalini yoga teacher training, but everybody is welcome to join, as long as they are able to apply themselves.

Our teacher at MPA is Siri Kar Kaur Khalsa, who has been practicing for over 20 years under the direct supervision of Guru Dev Singh himself. As a volunteer teacher, she offers weekly classes and practice sessions. She also trains those of us willing to take SNR exams, level 1 or level 2. In addition, she offers individual treatments as a seva, to meet the needs of students and staff. So, your child may have mentioned to you that he or she was taking a treatment, not necessarily because they have a medical condition, but because they feel the need to release some of the pressure they perceive in their own system or environment. Siri Kar Kaur shared with me that more and more students are coming to her, and, without being able to always formulate why, looking at SNR treatment as an answer to relieve what is heavy to carry while at MPA, on an emotional, mental or physical level.

As you read this, you may start to feel how organic this part of our program is and how it directly serves the purpose of the school. MPA is one of the keys of so many different communities: the 3HO community, the Sikh Dharma community, the spiritual community, the academic community and, because the world is not a juxtaposition of communities, SNR is the perfect answer to understand it and live in it, because where there is Shunnya, there is no differentiation, and where there is no differentiation, there is oneness.

All the sutras given by the Siri Singh Sahib for the Aquarian Age are contained in this experience. So teaching SNR at MPA is about healing our students and healing the world through them by developing their consciousness. The students may or may not realize the incredible opportunity that they have to have access to SNR thanks to Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa, our principal of spiritual life, Siri Kar Kaur, our loving teacher, and Guru Dev Singh, who visits the school every year. But you, as parents, surely do realize the impact that this teaching can have on your child’s life and how lucky they are to be taught by such powerful teachers.

Encourage them to learn, to apply themselves, to face the turmoils of their own mind, to access their own identity, their own center. That what SNR is: relaxing in your true identity. Encourage your child to heal and be healed, to dare to have an experience of something infinitely bigger that their own mental drama. Encourage them to seize the chance to discover something new and push through the discomfort of not understanding it, being bored or falling asleep.

And because we know that one living example teaches more than thousands of words, give it a try yourself. Take a SNR class in your neighbourhood, if you have the opportunity, or go to a special class near your hometown, attend a workshop with the master or an intense training week. Meet Guru Dev Singh. Ask for a healing treatment. Heal.

Once, a very skeptical friend asked me what she would get out of the 100 US dollars she would spend for a treatment session with Guru Dev Singh. Without a second’s hesitation, I answered straight: “Everything”. Because once one’s consciousness has been shifted, there is no turning back. There is only progress, extension and infinite discovery of one’s own soul.