My Room

The Dorms here at MPA are a place where us as students can just relax. Our schedule is so full and by the end of the day we just need a place to let go. For me it is extremely important to have time in my day just for me, so I can recuperate and calm down. That is why my room is so great. For the past year I have had a two person room in the dorm. Before that I was always in a room with 3 or more people. I have really come to appreciate the space I create in my room with my roommate, especially this year.

We have created a space that is cozy and fun to be in. Both of us have a lot of stuff, and normally that would be a bad thing because it would cause clutter, but I just feel a sense of abundance when I walk in. There is never ‘not enough’ of anything. That way I can be totally relaxed in my room and recharge for the day I have ahead of me.

– Guru Anter, Grade 12