Snapshots from our Winter Break Journey to Rishikesh

Sat  Nam Dear MPA Parents, Family and Friends,

We are back from an amazing time in Rishikesh for our winter break. This is the first of a series of posts that I will share here in our blog.

The students had so much fun while we were there and all of us as staff members enjoyed as well. Some parents traveled with us and we are grateful that they had the experience and for all their support with taking care of not only their kids, but all the rest of the students. We are also grateful to our dear Mona who organized the entire trip.

We traveled in the train back and forth which was quite a long adventure. In Rishikesh, at The Green Hotel they took good care of all of us and every morning at the yoga room we would gathered together to recite Japji Sahib or to do a short meditation and set the energy for the day before heading to town. After that time Amrit Singh, Director of Residential Life, who joined the journey with his family had a check in with the staff to make sure everything was running smoothly with the students and that at all times they were happy, healthy and safe. During the days we had the chance to do some shopping at the market to find gifts for our family and friends, enjoy the food at a variety of restaurants, go on a mountain hike all together and go to the local Gurdwara to join the community for one of the celebrations of Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday. We also celebrated Himmat’s Birthday while we were there, he was a student for 6 years at MPA and now he is working as a Mukhya Jethadar. He gave chocolate truffles for each one of us and we had cake that morning after a special meditation which he led.

I am also working in editing some videos and writing about different Seva projects that we joined while we were there to serve the different local communities and make our journey even more meaningful and special. The students from 12th Grade are also back from their journey to the Sikh youth camp in Malaysia and Bali where they went with Jugat Guru Singh, our Principal. I will be collecting their pictures to make a post on it as well. I will be sharing everything in here, so stay posted.

Tonight we will go to the Golden Temple to receive the New Year. We are going to take a Holy Dip together to purify and uplift ourselves and start this 2015 in the best possible way.

Happy New Year!!!