The Right Thing and the Easy Thing Aren’t the Same

Miri Piri Academy is probably the most difficult but most beneficial place you can be when you’re a teenager. There will always be times at this school where everything is so tough and you wish you could just go and be like all the other kids out there, going out to parties every night and taking risks that could really harm you.

I used to be a student at MPA three years ago and I decided to stay home for two years. My first year back home was really difficult for me as everything seemed weird and I was already used to a different kind of life. I had a really hard time adjusting and I kept wanting to come back to MPA, but towards the end of the year I really began to enjoy being at home and I guess all of the teenager stuff kicked in.  For my second year at home I began to actually move around and really enjoyed trying to screw my life up. I made countless mistakes. Some big ones, some small ones, but they were enough for me to actually try to see the reflection of myself and it really made me think about how everything just changed. I think if I hadn’t attended MPA before, I would have made more self destructive mistakes and I wouldn’t have bothered to reflect on what I was becoming. But coming here really did serve as a way to open my eyes. I am not saying that I lived the MPA lifestyle back at home, it was the complete opposite, but I did have the tools that MPA provided. I didn’t pray, meditate, or do yoga regularly but in the most depressing moments I found myself doing a meditation or trying to think of a yoga set that would help for disease resistance or something. Sometimes I’d actually be nostalgic and I’d listen to something played by Chardi Kala Jatha.

I decided to come back this year, but it was very difficult and on more then one occasion I have actually bawled about how much I wish I could get my old life at home. In fact, while writing this, I actually have one of my best friends telling me about all the new adventures back home and I feel like I’m missing out on so much. But at the same time I feel like if I hadn’t decided to come back I would have been in a worse place, and as a person with really big dreams, I feel like instead of making it I’d be breaking it. In the first few days I felt as if this would be my last year at MPA, but now that I’m here, after a few yoga classes, a few bad dinners, a few dramatic incidences here and there, I still want to be here.

This has been, in some way, the longest but also the shortest experience. I just got here but I already have so many reasons to come back. MPA is like a break to me, a break from the real world of junk, and a place where you can really find yourself. There’s a lot to gain from this experience and you’ll go home with at least one thing you can be proud to have gained from it. The right thing and the easy thing aren’t the same, they are completely different. I’ve already met friends who I feel like I’ve known a lifetime, and I’m in the process of creating an experience I won’t get anywhere else.