Recognizing our Students

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Special Awards

As the year comes to a close, it’s a good time to recognize the students for the hard work and dedication they’ve put into their year at Miri Piri Academy. It’s certainly a challenging program – starting most days at 5:30 am and ending at 8:00 pm with many demands and expectations of our students throughout the day. From the morning program of yoga and PT (physical training), to school, to the afternoon program of yoga, marching, sports, meditations and music; it’s a full program. Just keeping up is challenging. There are many students who go beyond the basics and really apply themselves to all aspects of the program. We wanted to recognize those students and encourage all of the students to follow in their example. Here are the students who were recognized this year:

Sports – Nova and Hargobind Singh

Music – Chanandev Kaur and Malie (Guru Mantra Singh)

Gatka – Surya Bahadur Kaur and Dharam Singh

Yoga – Chandra and Premnath

Seva – Arina and Siri Gyan Singh

Chardi Kala – Japsahib Singh

Most Improved Student – Shamayam and Felix

Outstanding New Student – Vega and Marian


House Competition Winner!

This day also marked the end of the House Competition, where the houses – Gold, Blue, White and Silver – competed throughout the year in various competitions. From the very first skit competition to the final volleyball competition, the squads worked together to complete each competition, to push themselves and to work together.

This year’s competition was close to the very end with Blue and Gold vying for the lead. When the special awards and academic awards were tallied and added to the list, Gold came out on top with 975 points. Blue was close behind with 951 points. Third place went to White with 870 points and Silver finished with 652 points.

To celebrate their victory, Gold House was taken to the Holiday Inn for the evening where they enjoyed good food, swimming in the pool, and a scavenger hunt that took them all over the city!

Congratulations Gold House!

Gold House for the Win

Enjoying their Win