Thanksgiving Celebration at MPA

24At Miri Piri Academy we are so grateful to have so many wonderful students from all around the globe, to be able to work every day for their growth through Khalsa values and a great education, and to serve the world through this vision and mission of the Siri Singh Sahib when he founded the school many years ago. We have been celebrating Thanksgiving every year as a tradition. Even though it is an American festivity, it includes all cultures because the main purpose is to gather together as a family and acknowledge all the things that we feel grateful for.

This year was very special because many of the students participated in all the preparations along with the staff members. They helped to cook and to decorate. They spent all day working in the kitchen with the help of Prem and Ajooni, their kitchen staff and Amrit Kaur, who took care of organizing the event. For every dish on the menu there was a staff member in charge to guide the students with what was needed. Dinner was delicious! Sweet potatoes, mash potatoes, mushroom gravy, green beans, spicy tofu, grilled veggies, bread stuffing, apple sauce with cranberries and for dessert hot chocolate and pumpkin pie. Dessert was specially made by Jiwan Kaur, former student and staff member of MPA, and the mother of one of our dear students, Sarib Jot Kaur.

Before entering the dining hall there was formation and warm apple cider for everyone. Amrit Kaur asked the students to write down the things which they are grateful for at MPA on a color paper leaf and then go inside to hang it up in a tree before sitting. It gave them time to think about all of those things with deep appreciation. After that the students went inside to find their seats and we all enjoyed an amazing time together!

Happy Thanksgiving!