Reasons To Give – Seva Nihal

Seva Nihal’s reason:

At MPA I get to run laps and do pottery, gatka, and meditation at night. At home I can’t do any of these things. All of them are fun and exciting besides maybe running. I’ve learned that I can be less aggressive and be stronger than I was before I came. I have learned to read Sohila, Reharas, and Japji.  I have learned my discipline of waking up at 5 in the morning with no junk food or T.V for the week.

We could list so many reasons to give to the Miri Piri Academy Financial Aid fund but we thought we would let the students speak for themselves.

With children from 22 countries around the world and a wide variety of religious, economic and social backgrounds, our students represent a microcosm of humanity. More than 60% of them depend on Financial Aid to make their education possible.

Please help us build our Financial Aid Fund today!