Reasons to Give – Sat Prakash – Canada – 17yrs

Sat Prakash Kaur’s reason:

I’ve learned to be self confident and self reliant. I know how to take care of myself and keep myself healthy of my own volition and not because some one else is telling me to. I’ve also learned how to help and inspire others. When I graduate, I plan to teach kundalini yoga, and regardless of whether or not I do so, I will keep up my own meditation practice. I also plan to go to university and study English, and to eventually publish a novel. I’ve learned that I have the capability to be a leader and that people actually do look up to me and are willing to listen to me. I have learned that I can push myself to keep up and stay inspired even in undesirable circumstances. Basically I’ve learned to be myself.

We could list so many reasons to give to the Miri Piri Academy Financial Aid fund but we thought we would let the students speak for themselves.

With children from 22 countries around the world and a wide variety of religious, economic and social backgrounds, our students represent a microcosm of humanity. More than 60% of them depend on Financial Aid to make their education possible.

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