Reasons To Give – Kavi Singh – Dubai/UAE – 12yrs old

Kavi Singh’s reason:

I have learned how to enjoy my religion by reading from the Siri Guru Granth, tying my turban everyday, and wearing bana. I have  learned how it feels to do something that is over your limit and that it feels good after doing it. I learned how to take care of myself without my parents.

 By coming to MPA I realized that I was reliant on my parents and really undisciplined. I used to watch a lot of T.V and play a lot of video games, but by coming to MPA I had to adjust my body and mind to live in a dorm with many students, do hard P.T everyday, and do selfless service (seva).

We could list so many reasons to give to the Miri Piri Academy Financial Aid fund but we thought we would let the students speak for themselves.

With children from 22 countries around the world and a wide variety of religious, economic and social backgrounds, our students represent a microcosm of humanity. More than 60% of them depend on Financial Aid to make their education possible.

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