Reasons to Give – Karamdeep

Karamdeep’s reason:

P.T is something that I could never learned at home . I like doing P.T because it makes me strong physically and makes me lose most of my anger by running or exercising it off. Even if sometimes I don’t like doing it. Being able to never stop or give in when something is hard. I realize that I’m beautiful, smart, strong, brave, and can solve things on my own. Now I don’t feel like that little girl that cried and whined for little things.

I learned that i’m stronger than I think I am. I can do everything if I at least try. I can let go of bad habits like chewing my nails, and being on the T.V or laptop all day. I have good friends that I can trust with all my heart and I know that they can trust me in the same way. I know people love me the way I am. I can do things like run for more then 30 mins. I think before I make a decision and most importantly I am everything that is good in this world. 



We could list so many reasons to give to the Miri Piri Academy Financial Aid fund but we thought we would let the students speak for themselves.  

With children from 22 countries around the world and a wide variety of religious, economic and social backgrounds, our students represent a microcosm of humanity.  More than 60% of them depend on Financial Aid to make their education possible.

Please help us build our Financial Aid Fund today!