The Qualities of Silence

Silence is a rare thing in today’s world.

Silence is a rare thing at MPA as well, and we tend to notice it as a warning sign.

Silence right after everybody has run to the Gurdwara means that you are probably late to formation.

Silence in the dining hall means that kids are on their way and will storm in any minute.

But there is also beautiful silence.

The silence of the early morning, particularly on Wednesdays, when the kids are at the Golden Temple. Then, the campus seems empty and so quiet. There is no sound of hurrying footsteps or whispering voices. The field is at rest, untouched, with a forgotten soccer ball abandoned in a corner.

However, this silence is dense, vibrating, meaningful, and in the midst of the light twittering of the birds and the almost imperceptible rustling of the leaves, we perceive the spirit of the place. The dawn highlights it or, better yet, crowns it, and carries us all as if we were one and only community on which time and space have no grasp.

Within an infinite silence.

Meherpal Kaur

Pictures of Nadine Holopainen