Public Speaking Practice Continues – Manners Maketh Man

Today, Ambroise Centelles, an 11th grade student from London, talked to us about manners, and here is what he said:

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Manners maketh man” ?

The meaning behind it is; that you are being respectful, treating others in a way that you too in turn would like to be treated. Being respectful means having the ability to use proper etiquette, making a man a real man. And really, many of you may be thinking what is this bunch of nonsense, but it’s something I’m rather passionate about.
Now, why am I talking about manners today out of so many possible topics I could bore you on? It’s because I feel, that if everybody consciously applied a few “pleases” and “thank you’s” and maybe fewer assumptions that you can just take something from somebody’s plate or drink from somebody’s water bottle without asking, you might actually find that your rapport with every single person whom you communicate with, is just a little bit better.
Some research results showed that many countries, citizens actually, don’t even realize that it is necessary to say the magic words to get something. A woman, when interviewed about manners, shared how she would never dream of omitting the word please in a sentence, yet she turned to a complete stranger saying “What’s the time”. How ironic. However, on the other hand, it was also noticed and omitted that the English also don’t realize that they might overuse the words “please and thank you”. Really though, there is no harm in being polite just like it doesn’t hurt you to be nice.
“Manners which are good and excellent always become the reason of great pleasure for parents, unforgettable respect for teachers and helpful to win the hearts of others”.
Listening to that, what does it make you think about? When you speak to your parents, whether it is on Skype or FaceTime, or even when you return home for the summer, think about how they will feel when they hear you with a bit more refined etiquette than when you first arrived at MPA. Sure, this isn’t a Swiss finishing school, but if you just apply some manners to everyday life, it will be pleasurable for everybody who crosses your path, even in just a small way.
Not only that, but you will see the pleasure in your teacher’s eyes when you have the manners that show how much you respect  the people in your academic career ( who are there solely for your betterment and the aid of your education, so that you can go on in life and have infinite options to excel in life).
But let us not be complacent if we are already using magic words; Please, Sorry and Thank you. Each word we utter counts, and tone too, whether it is to a teacher, an elder or even a fellow student. It is a very simple formula. No matter what another person says about you, good or bad, we still remain the same. What he says is a reflection of his personality. The same goes for whatever you say. In the simplest terms, manners are a sum total of your every act and every word.
In conclusion, even though I have just spoken mildly about manners and using those magic words, that is only the beginning. If you can really adopt some new vocabulary and take the initiative to self consciously be more courteous with everything you do, then I feel like I have done my good deed for the day.