Public Speaking Practice Continues – Happiness

WP_20140225_002 Next up is Sebastían Gutiérrez (Nam Simran), and here’s an experience he wanted to share:

Dear friends, I am going to speak to you about a beautiful human experience – That is happiness, which I choose to call “an orange from heaven”. But why do I call happiness an ‘orange from heaven? Please lend me your ears and you will know why.
Happiness is a decision, not something that comes and goes when you are sad or things go wrong. We are the only one who can change that emotion. Those who put their happiness in the hands of others are vanishing their right to be happy. If any of you have ever gone through the harmful act of depression or a serious disappointment, then I’m in the right place talking about the right thing.
Life is beautiful. I’m not guessing. I’m not betting. I’m sure that it is! Not because I’ve had a perfect life full of friends and success and a gorgeous wife and no stress, no money problems, no injuries, no mistakes, bla bla bla! These are only external factors, and we must not let “tragedies” destroy our happiness. Happiness is a decision!
Don’t you see that life is perfect?! You were born. You are alive. You are able to breathe. You are the great result of evolution. A perfect human being, unique and unrepeatable! You are unique and unrepeatable! Isn’t that perfection?! But remember, we are not infallible. We fall down so many times in our lives. We screw everything up sometimes. And what? Isn’t imperfection a perfection as well? Because when you learn from your errors and climb up to the exit of the hole, what do you get then? If you’re not able to answer it is because you’ve never tried to climb out of the hole and learn from your mistakes. What you did instead was to find an easy way. Depression. Walking around the bottom of the hole waiting for someone to throw a rope and pull you out. But I’ll tell you what you get if you apply yourself. 
Success and the purest form of happiness! Happiness is a decision!
WP_20140225_003-1A few days ago I had an experience that changed my perception of what is perfect and how easily things can make you happy. It was around nine o’clock in the night. It was cold and foggy so I went back to the dorms. My room was warm and comfortable. I was hungry and suddenly I remembered the gigantic and juicy oranges I had got from the market. I went running to get them and took one of them without choosing the best one, because I knew they were all perfect. As you will all do, I started peeling it. The tiny drops of acid that were spilled from the peel were creating a fresh rain full of smell. The sound created by slices splitting apart from each other was so harmonious that I had tingles all over my back. I started savoring the delicacy. The orange was getting smaller and my experience was reaching a divine point where nothing else was important, just the orange. The tingles that came out from my mouth travelled around my body all the way to the lachrymal, expressing happiness in the physical form of emotions. A tear, maybe three or four slipped down my cheek. This beautiful experience was produced by an orange. But not just a simple orange; an orange from heaven. If you take the decision of being happy, I can ensure that your life will be like “an orange from heaven”.