Public Speaking Practice Continues – Books

WP_20140217_001Next up for a speech is Judah Girvan from 9th Grade who talked to us about books and why we should read them:

Today I would like to discuss what I believe to be a very pressing matter. I know how much we all love the movies, computers and video games. I get it. I love them too, but when is the last time you took the time to just sit down and stick your nose in a good book? When I say book, I don’t mean a laptop or a Kindle, no e-books, I mean real ink and paper, cover to cover books.
Books may seem boring at first, but not only are they fun and entertaining, they’re helpful with many important skills. At our school there are many people who have English as a second or even third language, so naturally, they struggle with it. Reading tends to help expand ones vocabulary with a larger variety of words so as to express their feelings more efficiently. When you read a book rather than reading a blog post or watching television or online videos, you require long periods of hard concentration. This will help you increase your level of focus so you can focus for longer periods of time.
Now, I think we all have trouble remembering certain things. We forget our notes for the test, we forget to set our alarm, and some people even forget simple things like lifting up the toilet seat up. When you read a book, you are given your own special pause button for comprehension, like on a DVD remote. You have to truly focus and take your time so as to understand and remember what you have read. When you open the book back up again, you can’t simply press play on your book remote to resume. You have to be your own remote, with data saved in your mind. You have to remember where you left off and what was going on at that point on your own. Reading books help improve your memory so you don’t forget both the important and the simple things and responsibilities in life.
Books are probably the most important objects made by human beings. They are the original form of entertainment. Books are screen plays, dreams, people’s lives, and we all enjoy them at some point. Personally, I enjoy reading because it distracts me from my problems and takes me into my own mind where I lose myself in a world of imagination. We are only limited by what we can imagine. Somebody had to imagine Frodo Baggins. Their imagination created it and we use ours to bring it to life in our own image. Books are about using our imagination, because without it, the words on the paper mean nothing.
This is why you should read; read to expand your imagination, read so I don’t have to waste my time searching for a clean stall, read to better communicate with those around you, read so you can share the knowledge you have received with your peers, but most importantly, when you read, read for you.