Public Speaking Practice Continues – All is Fair in Love and War

WP_20140220_003Next on the list is Nanki Singsachthep and this is what she shared with us:

People say all is fair in love and war. Do you know what fair means? Fair means equality, justice, honesty. When someone cheats on their wife? When someone tortures another person to get information? Is that fair?
Lots of people have different views and different interpretations of what it means, but in most cases it is used as an excuse to justify unforgivable actions. For example, lets say I cheated my entrance exam. I just wanted to get into school, but it is justifiable because all is fair in love and war. In this case, it suggests that in order to win, you are allowed to take any actions, including betrayal and deceit, to get ahead. These things happen mostly in times of war.
Why add love to this? It is compared with war, like how some people will go to the ends of the earth to get the one they love, or hiding ex-lovers and destroying anything and anyone that gets in the way, regardless of the result.
On the other hand, love and war are two opposite things. If there was no love, there would be no war. Think about it. Why do soldiers fight for their countries? Why don’t they just give up their country and avoid war? Wouldn’t that be more peaceful? Well, because they love their land and are willing to sacrifice themselves for it.
This phrase of love and war is commonly used as an excuse for people in love or at war to do whatever it takes, by all means, to achieve their goals. Which according to modern day values is irrelevant. Being in love does not give you an excuse to hurt another person’s feelings. Being at war does not give you an excuse to harm your friends property.
All in all, the truth is that everything is not fair in love and war. After all, you wouldn’t want to be lied to and told that the reason for the lie was because they were in love and all is fair in love and war?