Join the Peace Flame Runners! Or just buy a raffle ticket…

We invite MPA students, parents, alumni and friends to join the Peace Flame Runners at the 26th Annual International Peace Prayer Day and support Miri Piri Academy’s Financial Aid Fund!

The Peace Flame Torch

The flame on this candle circled the globe before finding a permanent home in northern New Mexico at the Santuario de Chimayo. It originated with the torch that was carried around the world in 1986–the first run designating a United Nation’s International Year of Peace, and has burned at the Santuario ever since

The same flame has been used in the Chimayo Prayer Pilgrimage for Peace every year since 1987 (the 5th year of the Peace Pilgrimage). It has been carried by International Peace Prayer Day runners to the Jemez Mountains site of International Peace Prayer Day at Guru Ram Das Puri for the past 25 years.

This year two of our alumni, Guru Amrit Hari Kaur Khalsa and Siri Krishna Kaur Khalsa, had the idea to collect sponsors for their run, and to donate the money to the MPA Financial Aid fund.  What a great idea!  We would like to extend this invitation to all of our students, family and friends!  If you are planning to be in Espanola, NM for the 3HO Summer Solstice Sadhana then it will be easy for you to participate.  Simply register below and we will send you a pledge form to collect donations from your friends and family.

The route is twenty miles long, from the Santuario to Ram Das Puri.  Participants under the age of fifteen or those who don’t want to run 20 miles can join us from the foot of the mountain for the last eight miles.   There is a support van to provide rest periods and athletes can go at their own pace.  Sign up below, and we will send you a pledge form and instructions.  The athlete who collects the most donations will win a free iPad!


Not going to be at Summer Solstice Sadhana?  There are still six days left to purchase a raffle ticket! With just a $20 donation you can help us reach our goal to support all the children who want to come to Miri Piri Academy. You can also win great prizes, including the grand prize, a free pass to Summer Solstice! If you win you might even be able to join the Peace Flame Runners!


If every parent, alumni and friend participates with at least one ticket, we will easily reach our goal!