Parkarma Seva

Every year, there comes a time when we all wake up at two in the morning to go humbly wash the floors of Sri Harmandir Sahib, most commonly known as The Golden Temple. The Golden Temple gets as many as 10,000 visitors a day, and triple fold on holidays and special celebration, which are common in India. It is by good fortune that we are able to serve this community by participating in the act of seva.

Seva, which means selfless service, happens every day at 2 AM and again at 2 PM at the Golden Temple. It is an exciting group activity, where others help you, and you help others. There are those who stand on the steps in the water, who fill the buckets up. Those buckets are carried by people to the few that are throwing the water unto the beautifully crafted marble floors. That water is then swept by those with brooms into the ditches on the side, where it will get filtered and cleaned. In this way, the entire compound is cleaned within 25 minutes.

Although it is a simple act, this activity defines the spirit at Miri Piri Academy. Many students, past and present, vouch that this is by far their most favorite school event. Even more inspiring is that many have claimed that seva has changed their lives and their consciousness. This experience is, often times, taken beyond the experience of the school and carried in the hearts of those who studied here. It is a rare opportunity to really integrate humility, selflessness and service into our daily lives and our ever-expanding consciousness. What a blessing!