Now is the Time

The time of postcards is over.

We don’t want to look at pictures anymore, wishing to be somewhere else or someone else.

We want to just be.


On Guru Ram Das’ birthday as I was looking at a picture of the Golden Temple by night, a picture covering the entire wall of some dirty pastry shop in town, I just realized how fake all of this is. How fake is Maya, the illusion in which we live.


We look at the picture of the Golden Temple but it has nothing to do with spending a minute there. The gap is so big that it is not a matter of the image’s quality. It is a matter of experience.


How can we look at pictures and believe them anymore? Now is the time to experience things. Now is the time to be and to do what it takes to know that we have a soul. Only the soul can look at the flowerbed of tiny lights lying along the Sarovar of the Golden Temple and feel the devotion of thousands of hearts kneeling on the warm marble. Only the soul can feel the infinite love of Guru Ram Das in the fluttering hand protecting from the crowd, for a second, the fragile flame that will die lighting another. Only the soul can experience the strength of mankind, shoving, pushing, sweating, in the transparent grey night, where the tinsel made up of lights running up the walls meets the burning fallout of the fireworks, giving to the celebration “the size of the Universe”.


Giving to us the size of the Universe.


-Meherpal Kaur

Pictures by Nadine Holopainen