MPA Summer Sadhana 2017

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The year has come to a close with most of the students already home and just those taking Cambridge exams still on campus.

Every year, the students are given a sadhana to practice during the summer months to stay connected and uplifted throughout the summer. This year, Jugat Guru Singh spent four days going over the four elements of a sadhana practice – bani, yoga, meditation and prayer – to help the students understand the various elements and their importance.

A recommended sadhana was given as follows:

  1. Japji Sahib
  2. Warm-ups and Kundalini Yoga
    • Sun Salutations to warm-up
    • 108 Repetitions of Swan Kriya
    • Sarban Dande Kriya (26 x 3 repetitions or 108 repetitions)
    • Bow Pose for 3 minutes
    • Camel Pose for 3 minutes
    • 108 Frogs
    • 3 minutes of Young Sat Kriya (which is done in lotus pose with the palms flat together)
  3. Kriya for Virtues and Values & Chant to Guru Ram Das for 5 minutes
  4. Prayer or Affirmation of one’s choosing

You can do the kriya with Jugat Guru Singh, watch when Yogi Bhajan originally taught this kriya, and also hear the lectures that accompanied each of the four days below.

Jugat Guru Singh teaching Kriya for Virtues and Values


Yogi Bhajan teaching Kriya for Virtues and Values


Part 1: Bani or Recitation

Part 2: Yoga


Part 3: Meditation or Kriya

Part 4: Prayer