MPA Bhangara Dance!

It’s down to the last week of our school year and that means the last week of bhangara practice. This year it was left to MPA to create the annual peace prayer day bhangara performance. This was a tall order as we decided to do this with only one month left in the year. The pressure to get this done fell on Guru Amrit Hari’s shoulders. She picked our dance and has been organizing all the practices so we can complete the dance in time. We have students and staff in the dance from all over the US. This means that we have to finish practicing by the end of the year because we won’t all be in the same place when we return before solstice. 

Despite the lack of time I feel like everyone is doing a great job. The majority of the people in the dance are beginners, having never performed a dance before, but they are catching on quickly and putting in the effort.

Look out for our dance on peace prayer day and hopefully you’ll see all the effort we’ve been putting into it pay off!