MPA Art Exhibition

Finally it is time for the annual MPA art competition. Student paintings, pottery, drawings, and sculptures are put on display in the main academic building. Our students have been working hard all year long on their art and you can tell that a lot of creativity and hard work was put into these projects. On display we have all different styles of art, from huge canvas paintings to small and detailed drawings. Art is a big part of MPA life because it gives our students a creative outlet and a chance to express themselves outside of the daily grind. 

This art exhibition is also a competition and so the staff have judged the art and have come up with first prize winners for each category . The winners received money donated by Gurujoda Khalsa creating, in his fathers name, the first Francis R Couch Memorial Art Award.

In these next few posts i’ll be posting the winners and the pictures of the art they won for. 

I’ll start with the junior category, which was very impressive this year. 


Junior Drawing: Karamdeep Kaur


Junior Painting: Amrit Kaur


Junior Sculpture: Haryuvraj Singh


Junior Pottery: Seva Nihal Singh Gill