Marching to the Same Drummer

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

This year’s marching competition was held on Friday afternoon before Saturday’s Open House. All of the houses had certain commands that were compulsory along with one creative command of their choosing. 

This competition came together rather quickly with the houses practicing for one week to prepare for this event. That was plenty of time for them to prepare, as they practice these skills and the ability to obey commands every Wednesday throughout the year. All of the squads were really sharp this year and displayed their ability to work in unison.  

Blue House had a special guest member, Alumni Hans Werner, who seamlessly joined their squad. But it was Gold House who won the competition and the opportunity to display their skills again at the Open House on Saturday. 

1st Place: Gold House

Tied for 2nd Place: Blue House

Tied for 2nd Place: Silver House

3rd Place: White House