Public Speaking Practice Continues – Love

WP_20140211_002Ladies and gentlemen, Siri Kirpal Kaur:

Let me begin by asking you a simple question. What is love? Is it a word? Is it a feeling, is it an emotion? Pick up any dictionary and you will encounter a list of definitions for love that goes on and on. 1) A profoundly tender, passionate affection for someone. 2) Affectionate concern for the well-being of others. 3) Sexual passion or desire.
Yes, perhaps all of these definitions are somewhat vaguely accurate, but love can not really be described, nor can it be contained by mere words. No matter how many combinations of phrases and words you put together, no matter how intelligently you try to explain what it is, the feeling inside of you, that you feel is love, will overpower everything else. Because love is a glorious; majestic; wild stallion. It can not be tamed; it can not be harnessed; it runs free.


Love is the spark of that eternal, immortal flame from heaven that ignites the fire within our hearts, and awakens the soul. The electricity and energy radiating off our bodies, and circulating through it is beyond anybodies comprehension. Because even the chemistry of our bodies can not escape the overwhelming, exhilarating, yet peaceful force of love. 
Love is the sweetest honey’s nectar. That sweetness has the ability to plant a smile on our face, and encapsulate our heart with warmth. The act of loving, and being loved is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Because without love in our lives, where are we? We are nowhere. Without love, how can we relate, how can we carry on with our lives, how can we feel once again?
When I say this, I am not just referring to loving another person. I am also referring to loving yourself. I know that you all may hear that a little too often, but it’s true. When you actually have love for yourself, then it makes loving another person all the more true, and all the more delightful. By doing this we can slowly heal this dying world, one step at a time. Share your love with the world, and the world will share it back. Spread it through your smile; through your words; through you actions; through your eyes. Spread the divine essence of love everywhere you go.
Mother Teresa once said, ” I have found the paradox, if you love until it hurts, then there can be no more room for hurt, only room for love.”
Have you ever heard the phrase, “I’m falling in love with you?” Let me ask you all, why must we fall in love? Why can’t we say we’ve been uplifted by love? When you say “I fell in love,” you sound as if you’re stumbling; as if you’ve lost your way. Don’t get me wrong, it happens. Sometimes love finds its way to us in the most unexpected manner, that it’s expected for you to say ” I fell in love.” Over time, I believe that love should enable you to be more balanced; more empowered; and rejuvenated with life, light, and energy. It shouldn’t make you weak and helpless. A great man once said, “Have your feet on the ground, and your head in the clouds; stay on your way, and always be gay.” That might sound a bit contradicting in itself, but what it’s really saying is keep dreaming; and let love take you to your personal euphoria. Because at one point in our lives, it’s done that for all of us. It’s give us that little taste of our own delicious ecstasy. Then again, don’t allow yourself to float away on that puffy white cloud. Keep yourself grounded, and continue to live your life with strength and courage. Be happy, and if you have love in your life, I don’t see how that can’t be possible.