Lotus Flower

I take the Support of the Lord’s Lotus Feet; there is no other place of rest for me. I lean upon You as my Support, O Supreme Lord God. I exist only by Your Power.

-Yogi Bhajan

A lotus is known to grow from the depths of a lake, or a murky body of water using the light as a guide in order to surface, and bloom into a beautiful flower. I personally think that this captures what MPA is in a nutshell. We use the guidance of light in order to grow and transform into luminous and beautiful people.

As a reminder of this, a mural was painted on a wall of the art building for everyone to see. Miles Toland, a guest form the United States who came to visit for two weeks, started thstudents to help him out in creating this beautiful and unique masterpiece. This really created an exciting event as we watched the works of other being incorporated into the design and saw it unfold from nothing to something truly to be proud of.

The lotus is made up of 108 petals and, in the center, you can see a pinecone which symbolizes the pituitary gland. Miles is a fan of the golden measurement, which is present in, if not all, living things and in Nature. You can see this in the fiery red and orange in case of the pinecone. Apart from showing his appreciation of the golden measurements, he also specializes and enjoys drawing hands, and mudras. The mudra as shown is the base of the lotus, and pinecone is the lotus mudra.

As we are now coming to an end of yet an other awesome school year, this mural helps us to realize the changes and transformations that we, as a school and as individuals, have gone through together and will later serve the future students as a sign of hope and hopefully will encourage them to endure something so gritty and beautiful in a simultaneous manner, and figure out why and how it will all worth it.

-Nadine Holopainen (12th grade)

Note from the editor

Miles Toland’s work can be seen at the following address: http://www.milestoland.com

Also, MPA would love to be able to hire Miles Toland to conduct an other art project in the school and outside the school, in the beautiful city of Amritsar. Please, feel free to support him and us by any donation that could contribute to make this happen. Thank you.