Be the Lighthouse! Joining the Worldwide Sangat

“Be the lighthouse.” –Yogi Bhajan

“Be the lighthouse.” –Yogi Bhajan

Yesterday morning we joined the global meditation in remembrance of our founder and teacher, the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan. We chanted Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das for 31 minutes in unison at exactly the same time that, ten years ago, he left his body. We synchronized with the Sangat from La Española, Nuevo Mexico, through their Livestream, joining a community of 100,000 people meditating all over the world. The local time for us was 8:20 am. Suspending the first hour of school, we invited all the teachers to come share this important moment with us.

With Yogi Bhajan’s teachings in mind and forever present within our hearts, we feel so honored to be a part of his living legacy. Miri Piri Academy came to life because of him! As Jugat Guru Khalsa, our Principal, mentioned, the idea of celebrating him is not just to honor him at a personal level, it is about what he shared with us and what he brought into our lives, the values that he left and how he affected each one of us and continues to do it from his subtle body.  We were reminded to take this occasion not only to remember him, but to recommit ourselves to live to his example and be a lighthouse.

Ajooni Singh, who was his chef for many years and now cooks here at the school, briefly shared stories about him, how he did not care to be in front of ten thousand students, but rather than to be with just one teacher. He shared his vision of spreading the sacred teachings of the Guru and how he committed his life to that mission.