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Every single day at MPA, the students get their rooms inspected by the Mukhia Jethadars (MJs). On most days, a basic inspection is done after the students go to school. What the MJs are looking for is that the students have made their bed, there’s nothing on their floors, and they’ve taken out the trash. On Sundays, the students do a more thorough clean of their room. In addition to the basic cleaning, they sweep and mop the floors, clean inside their cupboards and trunks and clean the communal spaces, including the bathrooms, storage rooms, halls and entry area.

Having regular inspections is essential for keeping the dorms clean and for creating a cozy living space. For many students, learning to keep their rooms clean and organized is a new skill that takes time to develop. They also need to learn how to work together to keep their communal areas clean.

Walking through the dorms, there’s a marked difference between the girls and the boys dorms. The girls have a lot more pictures on their walls, they also tend to have nice curtains, bed sheets, throw pillows and other decorative elements. In the boys dorm, I saw more leather couches, huge sound systems and speakers, and sleeping bags instead of sheets and blankets. Their trunks were also different, with the girls trunks being filled with clothes and the boys trunks having things like snacks, movies and supplements.


Girls Dorm


Boys Dorm