Life Cycles and Life Styles

This week our twelfth grade class, along with some staff, have been taking the life cycles and life cycles styles, which is one of the five required courses for the level 2 teachers training certificate. I am very lucky and am participating in this course. Every day, instead of school, we meet in our yoga room to learn Yogi Bhajans teachings on life philosophy, kundalini yoga, and what it means to live in a conscious way. This course focuses on the different stages of life and what to expect in transitional periods of our lives. This is great for the twelfth grade class because they are just entering into the biggest transitions of their lives, graduating from high school and moving out into the outside of MPA world. This is a great opportunity for our students at MPA. These courses normally cost a lot of money if you wanted to take them outside of the school, but at MPA, these courses are included in the regular schedule.

I’ll keep you posted on thoughts from our twelfth grade class!