Learning and Building Relationships in the Dorms

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

Every few weeks, the Mukhia Jethadars organize separate boys and girls gatherings in the dorms to bond together and also talk about subjects that are relevant to the whole group. For instance, a recent gathering was focused on the topic of nutrition, giving the students some basic principles and guidelines for maintaining good health and energy levels. 

Girls Side

The boys and girls get-togethers had very different feels. The girls spent Friday afternoon’s lunch break preparing treats for the event. Silver House made brigadeiros (a Brazilian delicacy); Blue House served cold coffee; White House made brownies and Gold House made peanut butter cookies. After speaking about nutrition, the little sisters then got a chance to dress their big sisters up in outfits of their choosing before they sang Karaoke. 


Boys Side

The boys started their meet-up also talking about nutrition, learning how to calculate the proper amount of calories to be consuming for one’s height, weight, age and level of physical activity. Their talk was broken up with a couple of songs sung in Chinese by James. After the talk, they played a version of Charades that happens in three rounds. In the first round, the actor can use words and actions to communicate the person written down. In the second round, they can only use actions, and in the third round, they need to communicate using only one pose. It was a lot of fun!