Keeping up with our 40 days of Parkarma Seva


We are half way there! Today was our 20th day and the students are doing great and keeping up. They are doing their meditations after finishing with their seva, they are dipping in the holy water, they are supporting each other, they feel happy and even though there are days when they are tired, they keep themselves up with the best possible attitude. They stay positive and grateful for this opportunity of doing selfless service at the Golden Temple, which is building up their character and showing them that with a clear commitment and will power, they can accomplish anything they wish for. They can go out and reach their goals and have the strength to face any challenge.

This is what some of the students shared about seva:

“During seva, I feel like even though every day we perform the same motions, there are different feelings that go along with each morning. My favorite part of seva are the different faces I see, and also the same faces I see devoted to coming and doing seva every day, or dipping in the holy waters. I love how we all contribute together to clean the Golden Temple.”

“It is my second year at MPA, so for me it is my third seva and that is not hard for me. I just feel little bit negative when I wake up, but then I think seva is the best time to think about life.”

“When I do seva I feel like it changes me in many good ways. It is an amazing feeling to help people at the Golden Temple even when you do not get anything for it. But that is okay if you do not expect anything. Even though it is 3 am and the water is freezing cold it still feels great to be there.”

“Seva!!! I love seva! The experience is incredible! I do not think any other school in the world would get up early in the morning at 2 am and go to the Golden Temple and do selfless service. I have been doing my sadhana and it feels great. I can sense the presence of people around me and I would never want the seva to end! I just love it!”

“Seva brings energy to my spirit, and peace into my mind. It is always nice for me to help others without asking for something in return.”

“Helps me start the day on a positive note, feel accomplished doing something productive, and cleanse my soul indirectly.”

” I like seva actually very much, and after it I always go inside the Golden Temple and do my own prayers there. I just feel so good and I even do not want to stop doing seva.”

“I love seva and I enjoy the meditation in the Golden Temple. I do not want to stop doing seva. Wahe Guru!”

“For me seva is absolutely the best time of year!”

“It is something special for me to get inspired to accomplish more goals in my life in general.”

“I feel good because it makes me sleep better and I feel great to get the chance to go there every day because it is such a magnificent place, especially to go inside the Temple.”

“I just love it because I feel how it helps me to develop my devotion and to really know the love for myself that comes to me through God and Guru.”