Kabaddi Competition 2017

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

The annual kabaddi tournament took place this past weekend. It was a fun event with lots of participation from both the players and the spectators. This year, due to an increased number of intermediate students, there was also an intermediate competition, allowing the younger students to participate fully. The tournament was so fun that many students continued to play even after the official matches were over. 

Off the Pitch

Intermediate Kabaddi

The intermediates played circle-style kabaddi with teams made up of both boys and girls eighth grade and below with one grade 9 student on each team. Silver House went undefeated during the tournament with three wins and no loses. They had a powerhouse defence team made up of Darshan Akal Singh, Akal Dev Kaur and Karampal Singh. Blue House came in second, followed by White and Gold. Best defensive awards were given to Siri Atma Kaur and Sebastian. Best offensive awards went to Elisa, Aloka, and Darshan Akal Singh. 

Girls Kabaddi

The girls played circle-style kabaddi with four defensive players a side. With three wins and no loses, White House came in first place. Blue House came in second with Silver and Gold vying for third place. In the end it came down to a point differential, with Silver House taking third place. Luna for White House was given the best defensive award and Surya Bahadur Kaur was awarded best offensive player for Blue House. 

Boys Kabaddi

The boys played square-style kabaddi with seven players on each side. Gold House took first place, winning all three of their games. Silver House came in second and again, it came down to a point differential to determine third place. With just a one point lead, Blue House came in fourth; putting White House in fourth place. Siri Gyan Singh was awarded best defensive player, while Guru-Partap Singh was given the best offensive award. Both players are in Gold House.