My Journey

My name is  Siri Vias Kaur. I’m from Brazil and this is the story of my journey to study at MPA.
 It all started in 2010 during a dinner to celebrate my mom’s engagement. I sat down in front of a very good friend of my mom and noticed there was something different about her. After insisting on asking what she had been doing different, she finally turned to me and said that she knew what I was talking about, and told me she was doing Kundalini yoga and explained to me what it was.

That was it! I knew what I wanted to do, and at the end of the dinner I told my mom that this was it, this was what I wanted to do, and after a whole week annoying my mom 24 hours a day, she decided to let me go to the Yoga center for an experimental class. It is important to know that I wasn’t raised in the Kundalini tradition so in her own words, she said “A young girl like you won’t like to be meditating for hours.” She took me to the yoga center for a teenager class and after that day I decided that Kundalini Yoga was really what I wanted.

After some time I started doing kundalini regularly, I started to go to the gurdwaras and started doing sewa and my mom came to the sangat as well and started some courses in 2012.

During the  same year my Brazilian friends decided to come to study at MPA and at that time I wanted to go too, but it was too difficult because it was very sudden and my father and mother were not prepared mentally or for the expenses for this occasion.
 That year my friends went and I stayed in Brazil. The whole year was going by and I was on a mission to convince my mom to let me go, and after sometime she began speaking with my friends, to their families and  realized that this was a really good thing for me, so she decided to let me come.

I started doing English classes and started to prepare for MPA. After a lot of difficulties I convinced my father to let me go and do what my consciousness thought was the best thing for my growth as a human being and spiritual being, but we still had an issue, and I think that some people have that problem too: money …

My mother and I asked for a partial scholarship and started to think of other things we could do.  The mother of one of the other MPA students had the idea to make a fundraising dinner. It was a great idea, so we agreed with a restaurant that part of the money paid for the dinner would be given for the trip.

We invited all sangat, friends, family, even people that couldn’t be there in person by any reason contributed. It was really awesome. We had over 100 people and lot of these people even gave extra money to help. Even now I still do receive contributions to make this life experience possible. 
And I am really, really grateful for all these people that helped me to accomplish the call of my soul, to study at MPA.

So, this is how it happened for me. I am now studying at MPA, and mom if you are reading this, sorry but I’m really loving it here and I intend to stay some more years here!

– Siri Vias Kaur