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For the past few weeks, the grade 11 students have been taking turns doing their practicums during our afternoon yoga classes. It’s the practical examination for their Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course. They’ve spent the year studying yoga philosophy, practicing various aspects of a yogic lifestyle, and learning what it is to be a teacher. 

All of the students said that they were nervous to teach; not only is it their first time teaching a whole class, but that class is filled with their peers. Despite their understandable nervousness, most of them reported feeling relaxed once they tuned in and enjoyed teaching the class. 

“I was nervous going into it; thinking it was going to be a lot harder than it was. You get up there and realize that after sitting in classes your whole life it’s not much different teaching the class. I taught a class with just the little kids. Watching them it made me want to apply myself more when I’m in class because you notice everyone who’s not and think wow, this looks terrible!”
-Hargobind Singh, USA
“I wasn’t sure which yoga set to teach but I followed what Jugat Guru said. He said to try the yoga set and see what it does for you so that’s how I chose. I tried three yoga sets out and chose ‘To Master Your Domain’. I chose it because it felt good to me, I liked the topic, and I thought it would serve the group. Practicing the yoga set first really helped. It made me more aware. I really want to teach when I get back home.” 
-Taran Aadi Kaur, Mexico 
“Tuning in at the beginning of class was the only challenging part. Once it got going, it was easy. I really liked teaching. You notice that a lot of people space out and move around a lot. When you sit at the back, you don’t really notice that.”
-Narayan Singh, USA
“I think being prepared mentally was the hardest part of the process. Once you’re there, you realize that it’s not you who’s teaching. You have to get into the mentality that what you’re teaching is going to serve the students and you’re just passing on that knowledge.”  
-Delfina, Argentina

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