The Amazing Intermediate Soccer Team

This year the intermediates have their own soccer team. The team has been practicing hard the past few weeks in preparation for a trip to play the American Embassy school at the end of this month. Part of this preparation was a game against a local team. 

The game started and very quickly the opposing team scored a goal. Apparently this didn’t faze our intermediates because they responded with seven consecutive goals and held the other team to win seven to two. Clearly our team is awesome and we have high hopes for them when they go to Delhi this month.

I asked Tarun, one of the lead scorers, what he thought about his team. 

“The team did great in this game and were really excited for the Delhi matches coming up. I think or team has a really good chance and thats because we’ve been practicing so hard.”

This whole year i’ve seen the intermediates practicing soccer in every spare moment of free time. When others in the school have an extra sleep in you’ll see the intermediates outside and organizing their own games. They deserve the win they got.