Intermediate Soccer Champs!

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On Thursday and Friday, the intermediate girls and boys got a chance to play in a soccer tournament at Mount Litera Zee School in Amritsar. The boys played two qualifying matches on Thursday before competing in the final game on Friday. The girls came out to watch the boys on Thursday and then played in the finals against the Mount Litera, the only other girls team, on Friday. We entered the tournament unsure of how we’d do but both teams ended up winning first place. Go MPA! 

Boys Team

1st Match: MPA v. Delhi Public School

The first match was against Delhi Public School. In this game we played our younger players (13 and under). The match was really close, ending 0-0 and going to penalty shootouts. We sent four players up to shoot – Partap, Sasha, Ruben and Karampal – and they all scored. Our goalie, Ruben, let in the first two penalty shots from the other team and then successfully blocked the third and fourth shots allowing us to win the game and move on to the next round. 

2nd Match: MPA v. Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Public School

In the second match we played against Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Public School.   Our younger players were joined by Darshan Akal, Amarbir, and Karm Singh. We won this match 4-1 with Karm Singh scoring three goals and Amanraj scoring one goal. 

Finals: MPA v. Sri Guru Har Krishan International School

The final game was played against Sri Guru Har Krishna International School. This game also ended in a tie 1-1 and went to penalty shots. Ruben blocked the first shot but was injured in the process and replaced by Karm Singh. Karm then blocked the next three shots bringing us to victory. The winning shot from our team was made by Karampal Singh. 

Girls Team

MPA v. Mount Litera Zee School

The girls played their game against the host team, Mount Litera Zee School. The final score was 2-0 MPA. Suraj Kaur won the first point, scoring on a penalty kick. Caterina then scored the second goal from a throw-in by Siri Atma Kaur. 

Off the Field