Intermediate Boys Trip to Anandpur

This week I’m on a trip with the intermediate boys to Anandpur Sahib. All year there have been challenges with the intermediate boys in terms of behaviour and participation in the daily schedule. There are 36 intermediate boys, this makes them the largest group at our school. The staff noticed that there was something not clicking with them and they seemed to be in rut which they weren’t getting out of. Because of these challenges, the staff decided to take action and arranged a week long intensive, where all the focus will be on them, to try and get them out of this rut and unite among themselves. They are the future of this school an so it is very important for them to pull themselves together and reapply their efforts to everything that we do at MPA.

The daily schedule during their intensive will include Sadhna, physical training, studying, marching, Gatka, martial arts, meditation, and some group building activities. It will be work but it will also be fun in a challenging way. This will definitely be hard for them and will hopefully give them a push and a wake up call to step up to the plate and be the best that they can be.

I will keep posting photos and updates while I’m here.

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