Humanology Course 2010

by Navjiwan Kaur (Mirabelle Lemoine)

Nav Jiwan Kaur

Wednesday, January 6, 2009, the first day of the humanology course and the first day of my transformation. I had heard all sorts of things about this course, some good and some bad. Yet I was longing to embark on what I heard would be an incredible transformation of myself, and it was. Over the course of four days, I uncovered some problems and lifted some burdens that I had been carrying for years. The relief I felt after this was so great that I felt as light as a feather, because I had dealt with most of my problems.

All of the teachers were incredibly inspiring with their moving stories. We learned special meditations to become the original version of ourselves, such as the rain catcher meditation. We also had special Boys and Girls classes which were very helpful for some of the more self conscious people. During my women’s course we screamed, we laughed, we cried, but most importantly we got through our barriers together as a family.  I discovered that I had been carrying around an enormous amount of anger against my mother and through a strange banging on the floor process I let it all go. I banged my anger away, and when I was through crying I felt like a new Mirabelle, or rather like the true Nav Jiwan. It was extremely rejuvenating and I felt so secure in the environment.

The girls also learned how to make date milk and our own face scrub. Even though it was only four days, I felt like I could tell these girls anything, I was finally ready to trust my fellow peers. I saw such changes in people that it was astonishing. On the last day of the course we all sat down together and meditated as a group, it was amazing. I loved the course and how it made me feel so much, and I was definitely sorry to see it come to an end. I look forward to taking the Humanology course again in the future and highly recommend it to everyone who is interested.