Honoring the Siri Singh Sahib Ji

Its a little bit late, but I wanted to share these pictures from the Barsi of the Siri Singh Sahib Ji.  Every year our students hold an Akhand Path to honor the Siri Singh Sahib’s memory.  They are tireless in their devotion, filling up the reading schedule immediately and spending hours and long nights as Sevadar’s to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  On the anniversary of the Siri Singh Sahib’s death I went with the Cherdi Kalaa Jetha to Darbar Sahib where they played beautiful kirtan in his honor early in the Amrit Vela.  When we got back to school I slept very little and then woke to join the students at the Bhog Ceremony.  I arrived early, not sure when the Sloks would begin, and to my surprise they were finished early and concluded with a short and very sweet Gurdwara and a few stories about the Siri Singh Sahib. Each time I visit I am struck by how much I feel the Siri Singh Sahib’s presence and protection at the school, and I know that he is watching us and always guiding us in sharing his teachings and his love for the Guru with the future generations.

– Saraswati Kaur Khalsa