A Holistic Approach

Our nurses office has gone through some changes this year. One of the changes is the addition of our new nurse and MPA alumni Siri Krishna. I interviewed Siri Krishna about what she wants to see happen this year in the nurses office. She is looking to bring a holistic healing approach to her treatment of the students and focus specifically on their diets.

“If their diets are balanced and healthy we will stop sickness before it hits.”

Siri Krishna and Ananda have been working with Sanjay, our kitchen manager, to make the food at our school more healthy and holistic. So far the food has been improving every day and a small thing that i’ve noticed is that every day the nurses make ginger lemon honey tea for the students (and me). Things like this have been helping everyone stay healthy during the changing in weather and are helping us keep strong through the demands of our rigorous schedule.

Thanks to all three of our hard working nurses, Ananda, Anita, and Siri Krishna for the great job they are doing this year.