Harimandir Sahib

Twice a week the whole school goes to the Golden Temple. We get up around five, go there by bus, and spend around one hour there. When we come in we first bow. When you bow you can say prayers, wishes, anything to the Guru and ask for blessings. Afterwards we have time to walk around, go inside the Golden Temple, get chai and parshad or just sit at the parkarma and meditate.

The atmosphere there is amazing and magical! Sometimes when we arrive it’s still dark and then there are lights everywhere and the temple looks even more beautiful. While we are there the sun comes out and you can watch the beautiful sunrise. Even though it is really early in the morning and everyone is tired, I love being there. It gives me a feeling of being protected and safe, and I am grateful that we have the opportunity to go there.

-Oona Cheyenne