Happy Holidays from MPA

17This past weekend students were really happy to conclude a long week of semester exams. They took plenty of time to study so they did great! Afterward they enjoyed having the weekend off to rest and get ready for the travel to Rishikesh, or to go back home to spend the holidays with their families.  Siri Radha and Chanandev, our Mukhya Jethadars for the girls, wanted to do something special for them before leaving on our winter break. On Saturday they called all the students up for formation at the center section of their dorm and they gave each one of them a Christmas stocking filled with candies, peanuts and gifts for all their hard work.

Himmat and Gurprakash organized a soccer match for the boys. They invited students from Khalsa College to come to campus and play. It was a great game, the students showed off their skills gained after all the months of constant practice. The score was 5-5 at the end of the game, and as it was a draw the referee decided to go to penalties and our students did a fantastic job and won at the end. Congratulations MPA!

On Sunday we had a special dinner with ponche, tamales, quesadillas and a piñata! Something Mexican of course coming from Ajooni and Prem who also wanted to share this tradition as a special farewell.

We have now set off on our journey and we want to say Happy Holidays from all of us!