Happy Diwali and Bandhi Chhor Divas

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Happy Diwali and Bandhi Chhor Divas!

We had a wonderful celebration on Wednesday for Diwali and Bandhi Chhor Divas and the festivities are continuing throughout this four day weekend with fireworks going off in all directions as I write. 

We started our day bright and early with our second day of 40 day seva, going to the Golden Temple to wash the floors of the parkarma. After a nap and some breakfast, the later morning activities started off with a puppet show explaining the story of Diwali. It was read by Aditi with puppet masters, Manit, Amrit Bani, Sarpreet and Sasha. After the puppet show, each house presented their high energy bhangra routines for all the students and teachers to enjoy. We then had some tea and snacks before breaking out into separate girls and boys activities. The girls got a chance to receive mendhi, pick out bangles, and break out their best moves on the dance floor. The boys were encouraged to make interesting rangoli designs using coloured sand with the top three designs receiving prizes from our teachers. 

After the activities we all enjoyed a lunch together that was lovingly prepared by the teachers. The teachers and Academic Principal Kirandeep Kaur were responsible for creating this wonderful day, decorating the campus and preparing all of the activities. They did a wonderful job creating a joyous and authentic experience for us all! 

Preparing for the Celebration

The teachers spent a lot of time and energy preparing for the day’s events, decorating the centre section of the academic building, inside and outside the dining hall, preparing for all of the activities, the puppet show and of course preparing a wonderful meal. 

Puppet Show

The puppet show was narrated by Aditi with great puppeteer performances by Amrit Bani, Manit, Sarpreet and Sasha. 

Bhangra Competition

The students have worked hard in the past couple of weeks to prepare bhangra routines for everyone’s enjoyment. They were responsible for all aspects of the performance from choosing the music, to choreographing the routines, practicing and preparing costumes. They were challenged to include every member of their house, including all ages and abilities. They did a great job as the routines were very fun to watch. 

The judges awarded first place to Gold House, second place to Blue House, third place to Silver House and fourth place to White House. Extra points were awarded to stand-out performances in each category: Akal Dev for intermediate girls, Darshan Akal for intermediate boys, Surya Bahadur for senior girls and Gururaj for senior boys. 


After the morning’s performances, the girls got to pick out bangles, dance and receive mendhi. The mendhi artists did a great job and worked very quickly to complete their unique designs. 

Enjoying the Festivities


The boys activity was to create rangoli designs on the quad using chalk, coloured sand, mirrors and candles. After the mendhi was complete, some of the girls joined in too. 

Finished Works and Winners

Here are the finished works. The art teachers awarded prizes for the top three pieces. First place with a design incorporating Amrit Singh went to Premnath, Guru-Partap, Siri Gyan, Gururaj, Vladimir, Angad, Joshua and Sat Jagat. Second place went to Guru Simrat, Darshan Akal, Caterina and Lila with a nod to the TV series Avatar with the symbols earth, water, air and fire. And third place went to Harpreet, Amar, Karm and Mandeep. 

Beautiful lunch prepared by the teachers

After all of those wonderful activities, we got to enjoy a beautiful lunch prepared by the teachers. They went all out with Kadai Paneer, Dalh Makhni, Channa, Raita, Chole, Potato Parantha, and Tandoori Naan. For dessert, they served Gulab Jamun, Kulfi Falooda and Ladoos. It was delicious!