Guru Singh at Miri Piri Academy-Balance is the Nature of the Cosmos

Guru Singh Khalsa and his wife Guruparkarma Kaur from Los Angeles are visiting Amritsar this week. As is traditional for him every time he is here, he comes and teaches the students at MPA. The following are pictures and a video from his first class here this week. He will also be teaching two sessions for Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Training for the students from 11th Grade and one more class for the entire school. They also accompanied us for Seva this morning at the Golden Temple. The students are happy to see him and to get the chance to be with his high energy and to share in his experience and wisdom. The students enjoyed the class so much. They laughed, they had a good sweat and a took time to go inwards, chanting powerful mantras. It gave them a lot of support for the final countdown of Parkarma Seva, as we are in the very last week!

Guru Singh talked about the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan and the mission he had, how he arrived to America to find his future teachers for this sacred path of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma. The class subject was how to keep balanced between the Mind brain and the Heart Brain, because balance is our very nature as it is the nature of the entire cosmos. He encouraged the students to keep up and recognize themselves as future citizens of the world who will eventually be holding the space for society and humankind to evolve and thrive in this Age of Aquarius. In this age we no longer need to have all the knowledge, but to apply it and therefore have an experience, and through our personal experience of  healing , transformation and profound self awareness, inspire others to change and heal as well. He spoke about the importance of staying present and in tune with our heart to listen to our inner guidance. No more thinking, but consciously feeling, while having a sharp mind through the art of meditation, practicing our sadhana and being of service to others.

We are truly grateful for this time with Guru Singh!!