Guru Raj’s Internship in Physical Therapy

This article was originally posted in the Sikh Dharma newsletter from our longtime supporter Siri Pritam Kaur in Yuba City.  Its always great to see what our graduates are up to!

Last month I had Guru Raj Singh, 19, as an intern at my Physical Therapy clinic here in Yuba City. He had recently graduated from Miri Piri Acadmeny. While in Espanola for the SOD meetings, his mother, Gurunam Kaur, had mentioned that he was thinking Physical Therapy as a career choice. That let to me suggesting the internship.

 It worked out really well: For 2 weeks every day Guru Raj Singh got to experience the daily routine of a Physical Therapist & a valuable first hand look at the varied types of cases we treat at our large & busy facility. Besides neck & back pain, we see post surgery patients, hip replacements, neurological deficiencies, sport injuries, headaches, amputees, gait training arthritis and more. 

 In Guru Raj’s case, he came in daily and stayed on the floor, observing as the therapists instructed patients in therapeutic exercises. He was able to see the flow of treatment as patients moved from evaluation to their assigned plan of care. Occasionally the therapists would ask him to help out. He also got to meet many of our Punjabi patients who always welcome any Sikh youth with enthusiasm. In addition, there were towels to fold & put away, rooms to get ready, and Guru Raj proved to be a good sport. 

 He stayed at our home, used one of our extra cars, went out to dinner with us, swam in the pool and had fun with our dog. On the weekend he visited the ashram in San Leandro & met up with his teachers from school, Mahan Atma Singh and Sada Bahar Kaur. And I got to experience what it is like to be 19 again – it’s been awhile. 

 For myself, I was glad to offer this opportunity to him. After 25 years in the field of Physical Therapy and managing clinics, I would encourage any talented young person to consider this career path.  Physical therapy is much in demand, highly paid, allows much independence – and is the only non-pharmaceutical branch of western medicine. By comparison, Chiropractic is outside the medical model – chiropractors need to generate their own business, whereas PT’s can easily plug into the system.  

 Siri Pritam Kaur