A Great Skit Competition

Last night our four houses; Blue,White,Silver, and Gold competed in the annual Skit Competition. This year we had four themes, each house picking one. Blue House got Mafia, White got Sci-fi, Silver chose Medieval, and Gold chose Western. Gold was the first to perform their Western.

Their story was about three good old regular Texans traveling around the world. The play had A first Year student named Dash as the leading cowboy. Their story brought them all the way from Texas to Japan and finally to India, where they experienced many of the pains our students have to go through such as being harassed by hoards of Beggars and being overcharged for uncomfortable taxi rides. The “taxi”, a bicycle driven wooden cart almost broke under the main characters weight, which wasn’t too far from reality.

Next up we got to see White House’s Sci-fi Skit. This complex story of intergalactic intrigue and robotic rebellion was hilarious. We followed the quest of Siri Sham Sunder, the White House squad leader, as the unlikely Hero who against all odds had to discover the secrete to making the coveted Hot Tub Time Machine work. After many worthy would be Heroes failed to fix the machine, Siri Sham conquered it by finding the obvious power switch in the back. This made him worthy of challenging the tyrannical overlord, but first he had to hone his skills under the strict tutelage of the Keytar (key board/guitar) wielding Dev Amrit. Once our Hero had mastered the deadly art of the Keytar his was finally able to fight and defeat the Overlord and save the Galaxy.

Next up was Silver House who transported us into the medieval past. This was the story of A young Princess, played by Silver House squad leader Siri Radha, who’s wealthy Indian Father was bent on having her married to a suitor of his choice. Many princes failed to impress our Heroine and she seemed doomed to being alone forever, but then one day as she cried over her seemingly hopeless fate she stumbled upon a magical water bottle which summoned a fairy. This fairy promised her that her wish to find her prince charming would come true, but still our Princess could not find true love. She met a man in a tavern, who despite being dashing and Spanish (his name stretched on for about 30 seconds, that was hilarious) failed to win the Princesses heart (Lousie won best actor for this part). Then she encountered a mad man who chased our Princess against her wishes. All seemed to be lost, then out of nowhere came a Prince, who’s name, as if destiny had arranged it, was Charming! Charming defeated the Mad Man with some dazzling sword work and then the Prince and the Princess got married and lived happily ever after. The End.

Then came Blue House’s Mafia themed Skit. The last Skit of the night. In this story we followed an American teenager who travels to New York to work as intern, serving coffee to executives.  Meanwhile the Mafia meets in a secrete room where we find out that our Hero is the son of a rival mafia boss. This Mafia believes that our Hero is here to take them down and so the Boss puts a hit out on this unfortunate kid.  Our Hero goes to a local Starbucks to buy coffee where he meets a beautiful, young, and not so intelligent Barista, played by Hari Simran Kaur who writes her number on the coffee mug with the message “call me maybe”. The two set up a date which goes great and before we know it the two are head over heels in love. Everything is going great until Hari Simran reveals that she is the daughter of the Mafia Boss and tells our Hero that it was her job to find up what he was up to. They are about to break up when a wondering “hobo” intercedes and tells the Hero to trust her. Hari Simran comes up with a plan to blackmail her father and save our Hero. The plan works and the two are saved. In the end the “hobo” kneels by the Hero’s father’s grave and it is revealed that he interceded in order to save his old friends son.

At the end it was up to our three staff judges to announce the Winner. After fifteen minutes of deliberation the Judges announced the the win was going to be a tie between White House’s Sci Fi Skit and Silver House’s Medieval Skit. Blue House took third while Gold finished last.

This year the squads only got one week to prepare and yet, despite having limited time, each skit was well organized, rehearsed,  and performed. Great job everyone!