Goodbye Rajbir Kaur!

Our dear and esteemed colleague Rajbir Kaur will leave MPA on Thursday 12th of September. Here are a few words she would like to share before leaving:

“I am Rajbir Kaur and I worked here as an English teacher. I joined MPA in October 2004, then took off four years and joined back in April 2012.

Looking back on the day when I joined Miri Piri Academy, I was unclear about the culture and its environment. But life is all about the chance you take, isn’t it? I took this ride and I now see myself as a different person, an improved teacher and disciple at the same time.

To work as an English teacher at MPA is a very demanding job. Each day brought a new challenge for me and I took it, I pushed myself very hard and it helped me to keep going as I was in competition with myself.

As I am leaving now, I would like to say to all my dear students that each day rises with new face off, with new hope and all you need to do is to take it. Push yourself a little extra each day and you will see the difference. Best of Luck!

I regret that I never got any chance to communicate with parents and since I am parting from MPA, I would like to request all the parents to please stay connected with your child (which of course you do) about academics and with teachers as it is very essential and will help your child to keep focused and excel.

Love MPA even more!”

Rajbir Kaur

Let’s wish her all the very best for the future!