Going out with a Bang!

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The 12th grade party, or 12thies, is a highlight of the year, especially for our graduating students. It’s a time to celebrate the graduating class, recognize what they’ve accomplished and share our hopes for them as they get ready to embark on the next phase of their life.

The party is organized by the 11th grade class, with the help of Kirandeep Kaur. There are many traditions that have been developed over the years, like the 12th graders being chaperoned by escorts and the T-shirts the students make for the graduating class. This year’s entertainment was a song written and performed by Delfina, who also MC’ed the event, speeches by Gurprakash Singh, Kirandeep Kaur and Jugat Guru Singh, a dance performed by Paramjot, Anita and Surya Bahadur and the anointing of Siri Gyan Singh and Nova as the evening’s King and Queen. The festivities culminated in a dance party with plenty of bhangra for the staff to enjoy. 

12th Grade Students with their Escorts

Photos by Hargobind Singh


Younger Students all Dressed Up!


12th Graders at Dinner


Receiving T-shirts made by their Friends


The Party!