Goindwal Gurdwara Trip

Every year our school makes a trip to Goindwal Sahib. Students pack for an over night stay and make sure to bring extra towels and changes of kacharas. This trip’s purpose is to give the students an opportunity to try and recite Japji Sahib 84 times, once on every step leading down to the Goindwal Sahib holy well. This is a Sikh tradition and it is said that if you complete the 84 recitations of Japji, your karma from all past lives is erased.

This trip is a trip that all the students will remember for ever. It is a tough experience, but you get a great feeling of accomplishment once you reach that 84th step. 

I asked one of our younger intermediates, Sukhjot, what he thought about his trip.

“I completed 42 steps of Japji and then I did the mul mantra for the rest. I felt very accomplished when I finished, it was an awesome experience!”